Annual Dues: Annual dues shall be $300 for each board member. Board members that are full-time students will be exempt from annual dues. A board member may request a waiver from annual dues. Waiver request should be in writing and received by the treasurer.

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Why should board members give?

Board member giving is natural and necessary. Here are some rationales:

  • Board members of most charitable organizations are expected to participate in fundraising. An appeal is particularly convincing if a board member uses him or herself as an exemplary donor.
  • The board is responsible for providing a sound financial basis for the organization. By personally contributing, a board member recognizes this responsibility and demonstrates a commitment.
  • Nearly 90 percent of American households contribute to charities. A board member should designate his or her own organization as one of the main recipients of his or her generosity.
  • Many foundations only contribute to organizations where every board member is a contributor.
To pay by check

Mail your check to: 
          Grover and Sara McKenzie Family Foundation, Inc.
          201 E. Government St
          Pensacola, FL 32502

Board members can pay board dues online with one-time or recurring payments and make personal contributions.